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Understanding each person’s needs is a key part of looking after someone who experiences behaviours that challenge or learning difficulties. We as carers need to adapt and develop a care plan tailored to these needs, whilst still allowing the rights and choices of how a person wishes to be looked after. 


We will support the individual with accessing and participating in activities within their community to further improve and encourage social skills.  


Our team of carers are able to assist with a multitude of tasks, including routine daily assistance, personal care, preparing meals, shopping and general domestic duties. Furthermore, our office team coordinate with GPs and Pharmacies to ensure medication is ordered and collected, should extra support be required. We also offer domiciliary respite care within the home in periods where family are away on holiday, or simply taking a break.

To be an effective carer, you need to learn how to listen, be patient and pay close attention to individual’s needs.  By obtaining the knowledge of each person’s conditions, our carers are able to apply specific behavioural techniques and strategies which could help eliminate the individual from becoming challenging at any given time. 


We provide practical and emotional support to both the individual and their family members, and ensure the care opportunities offered are inclusive. 


We visit each home from the outset to meet with the client and their family. Together, we carry out a thorough assessment of each individual’s needs and develop a safe, effective and flexible care plan.


Should a client’s circumstances change at any time, we will review their care needs to evaluate what has changed, and adjust our care accordingly, offering any additional support that may be required.


We also liaise closely with Local Authorities, Care Managers, GPs, District Nurses, Hospitals, Occupational Therapists, Physio Therapists and other health professionals on our patient’s behalf to ensure the ongoing  seamless safe provision of care. 


Ultimately, we aim to provide the best care possible to enable our clients to stay at home for as long as they may wish and in as far as their care and risk can be managed safely at home.


Our service call times range from 1-hour care calls to 24-hour round-the-clock care for:


  • Assistance with both getting out of bed in the morning and helping into bed at night.

  • Washroom assistance and dressing

  • Hoisting and mobility transfers

  • Continence care

  • Meal preparation

  • Companionship

  • Assistance with shopping

  • Prompting or full administration of medication

  • Ordering and collecting medication

  • Assessing and requesting moving and handling equipment

  • Arranging GP appointments and home visits

  • Arranging District Nurse home visits

  • Arranging optical and dental home visits

  • Assistance with domestic tasks

  • ‘Sitting in’ services and overnight care

  • Support for accessing community activities and social events

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