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Enjoying a Meal


With a companion that cares, you're never alone.


Companion care is more popular than ever and provides much-needed support to those that might be feeling lonely or isolated. Having someone pop in regularly for a chat and a cup of tea can make all the difference if you're finding it difficult to stay socially active.


Studies show that human interaction can prevent the detrimental effects loneliness can have on a person’s physical and mental health. Many of our clients just want conversation and company and that's where our companionship service comes in.


We can provide a regular friendly face to help improve your wellbeing and give you and your loved ones peace of mind, particularly if they are far away.

We understand that spending quality time with someone that understands you, shares your interests and what's important to you, is important. That's why we take the time to get to know you and match our carers with you based on shared interests and hobbies to make sure you have the most suitable companion and someone you can genuinely connect with. 


How can we help?


Here are some examples of how we provide companionship support to our clients: 


  • Accompanying you to leisure activities or social commitments

  • Enjoying a cup of tea and a chat

  • Watching television shows or movies with you

  • Assisting you with shopping 

  • Helping you with your pets e.g. walking your dog

  • Using public transport

  • Attending doctor, dental or hospital appointments

  • Encouraging or helping with exercise where appropriate

  • Assistance using technology 


The type of companionship support you need and how often it is needed is up to you and your family.


If there is an activity you particularly enjoy, let us know as we do our best to accommodate individual preferences and help all our clients live the life they choose. 

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